Mediamaisteri, New Partner Of Moodle Premium Analytics Solution IntelliBoard In Finland
“Myllykoski rapid, Vantaa, Finland” by mattiharo is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Finnish provider of learning and LMS solutions Mediamaisteri has partnered with IntelliBoard to deliver top-quality, customized learning analytics dashboards to its customers. IntelliBoard offers visualization and reporting solutions, the Dashboard being its most popular product for Moodle.

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The partnership allows Mediamaisteri to provide support for IntelliBoard’s real-time results from LMS data directly to their customers, who can now leverage the Dashboard for more ambitious evidence-based initiatives.

Mediamaisteri focuses on corporate and workplace learning in Finland, offering solutions across all technical and educational parts of the process. They promise their customers fully “digital learning environments,” sometimes through their own open source LMS, Maisteri.

With a recent return to a path of economic growth, a highly innovative culture, and a strong national belief in the value of quality education for all (Finland’s public school system flaunts a surprisingly low teacher acceptance rate, traditionally in the single digits) the nation is definitely a place to watch for ideas and developments in EdTech and open learning technologies.

Read the press release “IntelliBoard Offers Expanded Services with Mediamaisteri Partnership in Finland” at

Find out more about Mediamaisteri and Maisteri LMS here.

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