A brief look under the Badge functionality reveals a couple of interesting choices. Interesting in a geeky kind of way. Stuart Mealor from Kiwi Moodle Partner HRDNZ explores them in a blog post.

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As Mealor explains, the main difference in how Badges work, compared to other Moodle activities, is its global, site-wide nature. This makes it possible to award them to users for actions that take place beyond the scope of a single course. Moodle 3.5 emphasizes some of these actions, by allowing badge awarding for:

  • Completing user profiles and adding a picture.
  • Joining of being added to a cohort. In this case, the badge can act as a group emblem.
  • Earning previous badges. Useful to recognize exceptional work or highlight specialized skills.

The new criteria can be combined with the existing one for interesting experiments. But there is a slight problem. As the functionality goes beyond individual courses, teachers cannot take advantage of them by themselves. Which means an effective badge practice that takes leverages the extended Moodle 3.5 awarding criteria demands admin involvement in the implementation of an educational strategy. Mealor would wish to believe this is already the case in most Moodle-based learning organizations. One can hope, thought!

Read “Moodle Badges – new criteria including photo and Cohort” at elearningworld.org.■

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