As much as the West Coast (and the occasional Moodler) wants to believe it, PHP is not dead. It is a must have for engineers looking to break into the world of enterprise software, but that is only part of the story. Both Moodle and WordPress, uncontested leaders in their own spaces, are PHP-based, at least for now. We might be living in PHP’s lost decade, but the recent launch of php 7 is giving the not-so-shabby-anymore language a respite.

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In any case, as far as the first half of 2018 goes, PHP is the most popular technology related to Moodle jobs in June, by far:

Spot Technology Month’s Mentions ????
1 PHP 11 +2
2 Instructional Design (eLearning) 7 +4
3 CSS, CSS3 6 +5
HTML, HTML5 6 -1
5 Web Design 5 NEW!
6 JavaScript 4 -2
SQL, MySQL 4 -1
8 Authentication and SSO, HTTPS, SSL Certificates 3 NEW!
Articulate (Studio, Storyline) 3 BACK!
WordPress 3 BACK!
11 Ionic, Mobile 2 NEW!
jQuery 2 NEW!
14 Adobe Captivate 1 NEW!
AngularJS 1 NEW!
phpBB 1 NEW!
Graphic Design, Photoshop 1 NEW!
Tech Support 1 NEW!
Version Control (Git, GitHub) 1 NEW!
Project Management (Software, Skills) 1 NEW!

This month’s trends included openings at

June openings at

Learning Technologist – Moodle Support for the University of Strathclyde (June 21)

The 26,000-strong Moodle site deployed in Glasgow requires a full-time expert to offer technical support to academics and professionals. The candidate will join the Education Enhancement team and support learning enhancement, quality, policy, and information services operations.

Remote Moodle Developer for Mark (June 18)

Mark is looking for help from a Moodler “with advanced skills” to interact with him through TeamViewer in 1- or 2-hour sessions. He already has a site on his local host.

Remote Moodle Developer – Custom Plugin Development for Rajan (June 17)

A series of integrations (including plugins, shopping carts, and other services)  make up the bulk of this contract-based job on a Moodle 3.5 site. Version control and managerial skills are sought.

Part-Time Freelance eLearning Content Developer for Improve International (June 15)

An “international profile” with sound front-end development skills, coupled with SCORM-packaged elearning abilities, is needed for a €480 monthly gig that supports online learning operations.

Part-Time, Pro Bono “Moodle Full Stack Guru” for UKfilmNet (June 13)

Looking for “big money”? Then stay away from this mission-based task of upgrading a Moodle site serving 249,000+ users. The non-profit also seeks instructional designers to “develop a relationship.” ■

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  1. […] If there are tech ideas that refuse to die, then the Moodle LMS is the land of the undead. A variety of tools whose time in the spotlight happened a while ago is ready for users of the most flexible and widely used LMS in the world. Email, Forums, Wikis, Blogs. SCORM could not go without mention. To nicely tie up the rooms in nostalgia, its core is built in PHP, the language that refuses to die. […]


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