Jumpstart Your Moodle Plugin Development With Moodle HQ's Development School In MoodleCloud

The Moodle HQ heavyweights are all chipping in for “Moodle Development,” one of the most exciting courses in the new “Moodle Development School” set up by Moodle HQ on MoodleCloud. All the offering are self-paced and totally free.

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“Moodle Development” is a comprehensive, 22-modules long course that should solve most of starting developer’s questions and issues as they stride accross their first plugin. It begins with some PHP basics, although some familiarity with syntax and the Object-Oriented Paradigm would come a long way; and covers modern topics and approaches in PHP and JavaScript. It also includes a primer on how to troubleshoot Moodle issues, where to find information and assistance, recommended tools, tips and project management basics.

Some of the sections seem familiar for Moodle developers who have used the “Moodle Development Kit” or MDK. However, while the course admits some parts of it were inspired by MDK, the Kit is not designed for plugin development.

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Contents of the “Moodle Development” course include:

  • Moodle Development Process
  • Plugin Types
  • Developing a plugin
  • Language strings
  • Anatomy of a Moodle page
  • Simple Input\Output
  • Navigation and Settings
  • Querying the Database
  • Creating New Database Tables
  • Roles, Capabilities, Contexts
  • Forms API
  • Security
  • Acceptance Testing Using behat
  • Unit Testing Using phpunit
  • Handling Files
  • Templates
  • Javascript
  • Events and Logging
  • Web Services and AJAX
  • Backup and Restore
  • Cache API
  • Other Plugin Types
  • Further Reading and Resources

Take the course now and complete it to earn a badge.

Check out Moodle Development School’s full offering, visit moodledev.moodle.school.

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