Join Moodle Users Association’s Quest For Growth. MUA May Update
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MUA President Emma Richardson touches base with the community in her latest Association update. It suggests that thoughts about how to grow the membership are on the top of her mind. With the number of global Moodle users globally nearing the 130 million mark, it is no longer a question of who to bring in, but how to entice them. She is open to any ideas.

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One of the recent ideas was to allow guest viewing of the proposals in the current Project Development Cycle. This is now possible. A “Project Development Cycle: January – June 2018” page is now available, no login required.

In related news, ongoing efforts to create better channels of interaction between MUA members and the Moodle HQ team have led to more interactions between both entities while maintaining independence. Richardson gave two talks last March at MoodleMoot Canada 2018, one of them specifically about MUA. Conversely, core developers continue to accept the invitation to MUA member events. Moodle.Net project lead Doug Belshaw will join the Tuesday, May 8th MUA Town Hall, and Sander Bangma, Moodle HQ’s Open Source Development Coordinator, will be present for the May 15th call. Bangma will talk about how upcoming changes in the Moodle code might affect MUA projects, will answer questions, and hopefully will get the conversation going.

May 8th, 8 am UTC MUA Town Hall call link

May 15th, 6 pm UTC MUA Town Hall call link

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