It’s Always Open Source Development Jobs Season At Moodle HQ
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The beginning of February came with a cadre of professional opportunities for Moodle developers, open source technologists, and interactive instructional designers.

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Moodle HQ continues with its call for multiple development roles at their Perth, Australia, and Barcelona offices. Remote workers are welcome as long as they can show exceptional Moodle-specific skills.

Open source code writing skills are essential. Unlike proprietary code, openly-available work must stand up to the scrutiny of the community. Developers will be in charge of producing:

  • Code reviews
  • Automated testing
  • Bug identification, “triaging,” and fixing
  • Documentation for a general developer audience
  • Community responses, advice and feedback
  • And of course, new Moodle features.

The ideal candidate has 3 years of professional experience as a programmer with involvement in large-scale development projects and environments. They should also know their way around LAMP, SQL management and connection, and links with JavaScript and AJAX applications. They should be up to speed with security, performance, and scalability practices.

Read more and apply here.

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