United Nations Moodle Site Wins Award From United Nations


Up until recently, the thousands of job openings at the United Nations required a pen and paper examination as part of the selection process. The United Nations estimates this amounted to 2 tons of paper used every year, or as many as 800 trees. For security reasons, the exams were printed at the United Nations headquarters and shipped or flown to the testing centers using carbon-emitting vehicles. Carbon-based humans also needed to be transported and compensated for their time to oversee the exams. But, this all changed thanks to Moodle.

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Called “Examination and Tests System” or UNETS, the team behind the United Nations’s Moodle has received the UN Secretary General Award for Innovation. It is an internal recognition that acknowledges efforts that enhance the organization’s actions around the world.

With Moodle, around-the-clock examinations can be provided, and significantly reduces the rate of carbon emissions. It also allows the organization to reach candidates located in remote places, speaking virtually any living language, and under any accessibility circumstances.

Custom development was important for Unite, the United Nations Outside of Information and Communications Technology, in cooperation with the Human Resources Department. Annual savings are estimated to be between $120,000 and $320,000 USD. The financial and environmental benefits are expected to increase as Moodle is expanded across the United Nations’ areas and offices.

The United Nations argues that the ability to “draw on a large community of pro-Bono contributors” is one of Moodle’s appeals.

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