If You Love Them: Why eThink Gives Clients A Fully 'Cloud Agnostic' Experience
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Providers of cloud-based LMS and similar platforms are not usually keen to promote their ability to easily move your data across services. Some might even want to convince you that it is so complicated it’s not worth it. But when you have a 99% client retention rate and a hard-to-match level of mastery over the maze of cloud infrastructure, keeping your customers locked in is no longer a priority.

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In an exclusive exchange with MoodleNews, the CEO of eThink Education, Brian Carlson, shares the official Moodle Partner’s position on “cloud agnosticism.” In short: If you are an eThink client, your happiness is always first.

MoodleNews: What is your share of cloud-based customers? Do you service locally hosted Moodle systems?

Brian Carlson: All eThink customers are in our cloud. Our fully-hosted model only supports clients hosted within our cloud environment. We find this to be the most efficient, cost-effective way to provide our clients with the best possible Moodle experience. Our cloud environment has been optimized to support Moodle and represents our years of experience supporting the product.

MN: Do you have your own cloud? Or which cloud provider do you use or recommend your customers?

BC:  Running and configuring Moodle can be difficult, that’s why it’s best to hire an expert. eThink has a customized cloud environment hosted within AWS, and with our cloud-based, “fully-managed” model, we have a 99% client retention rate. We guarantee a 99.9% uptime.

MN: Are eThink’s solutions “cloud agnostic”?

BC: Yes, they are. We have migrated hundreds of clients from other Moodle environments, both cloud-based and local server instances. We have refined a process for migrating clients into our cloud environment and helping them adapt and re-configure their Moodle site according to their needs and wants.

MN: Tell us a bit more about the complexities involved in performing a Moodle migration, to and from your cloud.

BC: For us, moving from one to another is quite straight-forward. We only need your Moodledata and your database. The ease with which you can “take your LMS with you” is one of the big benefits of using Moodle and an advantage we stress when speaking with any prospect.

Owning your LMS data and being able to easily migrate helps guarantee that we always give you the best service. If you are not happy with your vendor’s level of support, you can easily switch to an environment and vendor that provides the quality service you desire.

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