How QR Codes Augment Learning Abroad And In Moodle | Aprendizaje Aumentado en Moodle con Códigos QR

QR codes are 24 years old and, unless you’ve ever been to Asia, there is a good chance you believe the technology had a decent, if unremarkable, run. In the meantime, QR codes are the de facto way to download and use apps, join contests, board buses and trains, check in at venues or work, and make payments across the Asian continent. From Beijing to Jakarta and from Tokyo to Bangkok, you can QR-donate to Buddhist templespanhandlers, and your favorite charity.

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This is not to say there aren’t believers in the West. QR codes in learning find use time and again, from iPad-enhanced primary school classrooms, to enhanced experiences at museums, parks, and other historical or otherwise educational sites.

If you are willing to give QR codes a try, Moodle offers no shortage of quick ideas to get you and your classroom started:

  • There is no better way to get started than with the straightforward QR plugin for Moodle. Developed at the University of Münster, it allows teachers to quickly direct students to a course page. It offers a block that can be added on a Moodle site, or it can be printed out and posted on most walls of the physical world.
  • Similar functionality is provided by Catalyst IT’s QR Links plugin, which grabs the current page link to create the code (see video).
  • The a2fa QR code input applies it to two-factor authentication for extra security.
  • The Treasure Hunt plugin mixes QR codes with geolocation for “outdoor serious gaming.” A GIS editor allows instructors to draw paths on a map and create clues and questions, all from the web browser. Students can play through mobile browser as well, no app necessary.
  • We could not skip Easy Enrollments, which adds a QR reader to Moodle on desktop, in which case students show Moodle the code to get instantly enrolled and taken to the main page of a course.
  • Recently, Moodle partner HRDNZ’s blog at explained how to create a “QR code contact card” to share info with students, or better yet, with business contacts at your next MoodleMoot.■

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