How Lambda Does Moodle In The Enterprise

How Lambda Does Moodle In The Enterprise
“Enterprise” by Rob Young is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Moodle is the world’s most popular Learning Management System, thanks to (among other things) its modularity and being free and open source, which in turns makes it a thriving ecosystem for developers, designers, and content creators. For a long time, Moodle has also demonstrated its potential in the corporate world, thanks in large part to key official partners. Courtesy of lambda solutions’ Stewart Rogers, we briefly explore interesting scenarios for Moodle in the enterprise:

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    • Compliance Training. Moodle’s automated grading tools help ensure a minimum proficiency in workforces of any scale.
    • Competency Training and Management. Moodle’s support for Competencies and Competency-Based Education adds a layer of clarity to the training process.
    • Personalized Course Development. There is nothing preventing more corporations from adapting personalized learning techniques, which could be as simple as allowing for many ways to validate learning (real-time, asynchronous, offline).
    • Hiring and interviewing. Veering away from strictly educational activities, Moodle can also help organize recruiting and onboarding processes. A finely tuned site can give prospective individuals a taste of the organization’s values and culture.
    • Communities of practice. Organizations where community engagement is a key part of the business model can take advantage of Moodle collaboration tools, such as the Forum Activity or Wiki Activity.

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