Highlights Of Vibrant, Judicious, Bountiful MoodleMoot Africa 2018

The main achievement of the first gathering in the continent is to serve as a baseline for Moodle. Only later events will help us gauge the real presence Moodle is having across the region. Also worth noting, the event was rebranded from its original MoodleMoot South Africa 2018. Possibly during the event it became clear the profile of speakers and participants was wide enough to represent all 54 countries.

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African Skills

Teaching math skills targeting low-income students, taking into account existing levels of concentration; as well as insight at the university level, with possible use for higher education in other places, were key messages throughout the gathering.

So it makes sense to make out of this first gathering an opportunity to listen.

Moodle and Africa

Under the excitement and as a promising first meet, many questions remain unanswered, especially from those who believe Moodle is missing a concrete developing world strategy. Partners continue to be put at the head of the Moodle spear, but to serve the whole continent there are only two: eThink Education and AOSIS. Meanwhile, there are an estimated 30 million children ages 6 to 11 missing from classrooms.

Not to say Moodle has not made conscious efforts to spread its awareness in the emerging world. Or that Moodle HQ is the only one responsible. Many organizations in much better position could in fact take advantage of the Open Source LMS to create measurable and sustained impact.

As some already have

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