Highlights Of Trendy, Hardwired MoodleMoot Japan 2018

Setting the stage for many of the themes you’ll witness throughout the year (and quite possibly beyond), the Moodle Association of Japan (MAJ) celebrated its tenth national MoodleMoot in Tokyo’s Musashi University, kicking off the year’s season of dedicated Moodle events.

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Characteristically vanguardist, the Moot showed recent advances in third-party integrations, the possibilities of Moodle connecting to hardware, particularly Virtual and Augmented Reality tech, and ways in which the nation’s EdTech field addresses system-wide implementations. Japan shows how gadgets and interactivity are not to be feared but embraced, especially if the marriage starts in the classroom.

Here are some some of the highlights, as reported on social media. Check even more at our #MootJP18 Twitter Moment.

Day one — Wednesday, February 21st

Workshops for newbies and experts detailing specific Moodle features (access restriction) or whole new Moodle avenues (MoodleCloud) kicked off day one. Veteran lecturers included Moodle HQ’s David Mudrák and MAJ’s (and MUA’s) Professor Hideto Harashima.

Day two — Thursday, February 22nd

The bulk of the Moot’s innovative presentations featured interesting integrations with popular EdTech that side of the Indian Ocean.

Examples included video app Kaltura, the Jupyter Notebook for learning programming, the EnglishCentral portal, the Logstore xAPI standard, messaging app LINE’s chatbots, and EdTech darling Quizlet.

In the afternoon, an in-depth look at Moodle core activities and plugins completed the session. Justin Hunt’s PoodLL got some of the highest marks.

Other topics included:

  • The Moodle Glossary
  • Learning Locker
  • Essay Auto-grading
  • Academic credit standardization
  • Speed reading
  • The ReactForum plugin
  • The Moodle Forum’s Interface and Report Block
  • Don Hinkelman’s Sharing Cart
  • Moodle for writing skills course
  • Flipped classroom
  • Live versus recorded video for Moodle Rubrics
  • The Moodle Database

The day ended with MAJ’s general meeting and a casual networking reception at night.

Day three — Friday, February 23rd

The event concluded with more talks, covering:

  • The GIFT syntax for Quiz question creation
  • Automatic speech scoring
  • TOEIC Preparation
  • FileMaker Pro
  • Blended Learning
  • The International Virtual Exchange Project
  • ChemJax
  • STEM teaching
  • Conference organization tools

But perhaps the day’s most popular intervention was the keynote by Kumamoto University’s Katsuaki Suzuki and his instructional design talk, a lesson in “experience, intuition and courage.”

Before closing, the “Best Moodle Innovation Awards Ceremony” was held.

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