Highlights Of South East Asian Pioneering MoodleMoot Philippines 2018, With A Spice Of Healthcare Social Media
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The city of Manila has leapt ahead of their cultural, economic, and EdTech counterparts with the first MoodleMoot of South East Asia and the ASEAN Region. With a world-class roster of speakers and radical ideas about Moodle as a tool, technology, and community, this Moot was no flight of fancy. Even Moodle HQ CEO Martin Dougiamas joined the party. Representatives from Mozilla and Creative Commons, some of the nation’s top universities, and official Moodle Partners –including the organizer, Nephila Web– confirmed the importance of the event for the education, EdTech, and open source communities. The event was definitely one expected to ripple across the region.

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A happy coincidence gave the event one more reason why it was so special. It coincided with “#HealthXPh”, the first conference for “Emerging Technologies and Social Media in Healthcare.” As a result, debates about the role of Moodle in medical and clinical training infused the Moot’s halls and tables. Helen Madamba, Public Health Advocate, even gave a Moodle-based talk at #HealthXPh (“Learning Management Systems for Outcome-Based Education”) the day after extensively covering the Moot.

Here’s a breakdown of what happened. You can catch more social media highlights on our special #MootPH18 Twitter Moment.

Day 1

The opening session featured Sheryl R. Villaroman, CEO of Moodle Partner Nephila Web. It is also noteworthy that, including Villaroman, four plenary speakers were women who hold leadership positions in Philippine or Asian organizations.

Soon after, Stuart Mealor, from Moodle Partner HRDNZ in New Zealand, introduced Moodle and gave the audience an update on “the journey so far.”

A mixture of how-tos, business cases, and the introduction of new practices and trends filled the afternoon. Throughout the event, some of the talks were based on academic research papers authored by the speakers who would be recognized on the second day.

Other talks included:

  • ePortfolios
  • OER
  • Cloud-Based Environment
  • Math and Science Plugins (featuring Wiris Math & Science Europe’s Pablo Guerrero)
  • Gamification (with Mootrain and Mootivated Founder Jeff Campbell)
  • Case: Disaster Risk Management
  • Summer of Code (with former participant and current IT student in Sri Lanka Supun Wanniarachchi)
  • Case: Rural MSMEs
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Analytic Decision Support Systems
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Video

Day 2

Selfie time! Dougiamas touched base with his customary “Moodle goals for the future” talk, probably the most photographed and shared moment (and man) of the gathering.

Noteworthy interventions came courtesy of Moodlerooms APAC’s Foong Yee Leong and Mozilla Philippines’ Bob Reyes.

The final evening of this momentous MoodleMoot did not feel like a conclusion, but the starting point for a series of ongoing conversations about technology in the South East Asian ecosystem. Topics included:

  • xAPI
  • Microlearning
  • MUA (with Vice Chair Richard Samson)
  • Analytics
  • Academic Rehabilitation
  • Mobile
  • Usability in Open Systems
  • Moodle Certification

The Moodleverse now sets sight on the next encounters: CLAMP’s Academic Technology Administrators Conference (ATAC 2018) on June 25-26 and the official MoodleMoot Spain 2018 on June 27-28. Keep up at moodlenews.com/events. ■

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