There is something not easy to pin down about the Open EdTech community in Colombia, the seventh largest Moodle country in terms of active installations, on top of powerhouses like Italy, India and France. A few days ago, the official annual meet of Latin American minds gathered in Bogotá for MoodleMoot Colombia 2018. A MoodleNews Twitter Moment collected some of the highlights as they were shared by attendees in real-time fashion.

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Five dimensions structured the conference, which devoted the first day to workshops and the second to academic talks. Moodle CEO and Founder, Martin Dougiamas made an impromptu intervention via video recording (see video).

Analytics and Reporting. Attendees were briefed into the ongoing conversation on learning analytics and the use of technologies such as AI and data mining applied to education. But never-before-seen conversations such as “Confidentiality and traceability” felt timely and insightful.

Impact. How is Moodle ensuring long-lasting effects, especially in economic development contexts? From successful case stories, to the promise of new approaches and even blockchain, diverse perspectives were embraced.

Technology. The time to show the best Moodle can do today. This dimension covered Mobile, plugins, themes, integrations, offline\asynchronous access and more.

Pedagogy. Curious about what teachers have been able to turn Moodle into? Then you should have seen them local instructional designers discuss competencies, assessment, motivation and Latin-flavored MOOCs!

Institutional virtualization. Is the transition to a possibly 100% online offering just as impending as job automation? A final, futuristic thread discussed institutional challenges, redefining quality and coverage standards and practices, and Moodle’s role in the jobs of the future.

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Check out every talk synopsis here or workshop descriptions here (in Spanish).

Moots to round up your Moodle year

  • August 27-31: Romania, Alba Iulia
  • September 25-27: Australia, Brisbane
  • October 11-12: South Africa, Cape Town
  • October 23-25: Czech Republic, Hradec Králové
  • October 29-30: United States, Denver
  • November 22-23: Peru, Lima
  • December 2-3: Dubai (MoodleMajlis)

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