Highlights De La Fiesta Moodle. MoodleMoot Spain 2018

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The topics

  • RGPD (GDPR). As the main line of attack of Moodle in Europe, the Moodle HQ team discussed the law, how the LMS is approaching it, the plugins and core technologies, and legal considerations in the months to come.

  • Analíticas (Analytics). Many Moodle HQ developers involved with learning analytics, machine learning, and even visual interfaces for the predictive modeling, are Spanish or have a relationship with Spain, which makes this event particularly important when it comes to LMS Data. Applications of new technologies are worth keeping tabs on, such as the user’s “clickstream” or their stage-to-stage movement within Moodle activities.

  • Colaboración (Collaboration). Features, plugins, and third-party services, and even MoodleNet begin to cement Moodle’s status as a collaboration-first EdTech company well into their second decade.

The key moments

  • Wednesday, 27th: Inauguration and opening keynote by Francesca Bria from Barcelona City Council Digital Innovation Office and Moodle Founder and CEO Martin Dougiamas, respectively.

  • Moodle HQ Midday with Sander Bangma debuting Moodle 3.5 and its newest features, followed by Carlo Polizzi’s session on GDPR, and the first “pico” (under 5-minute) session, this time reserved for sponsors. Mobile team’s Juan Leyva also discussed the Moodle apps.

  • Learning and Enterprise Afternoon. Speakers from Spain, Chile, Montreal, and Iowa discussed the interplay of Moodle in modern classroom and workplace issues, including diversity, engagement, professional development, corporate, and personal clouds.
  • A Morning for Futurism with Universitat Oberta de Catalunya’s Lourdes Guàrdia’s “La gran incógnita: ¿cómo será la Universidad del 2030?” (The Great Question: What will the University of 2030 be like?)
  • Moodle HQ encore throughout the day, with talks about MoodleNet, Learn Moodle, Moodlerooms, debugging and automatically testing Moodle, and a “Dr. Moodle” session.

  • The Moodle Party
  • DevJam and Masterclasses running throughout the day on the 29th, with Moodle HQ staff directing practical sessions on analytics, accessibility, mobile and general development tools and practice.

The future

This time, it was the DevJam that opened up the lines of communication for participants to voice their complaints, suggestions, and requests for upcoming Moodle versions. Attention on learning interfaces, better social media, and wider video format integration across the scope of Moodle activities seemed to be the order of the day. Another set of ideas discussed best ways to implement microlearning and “microcontent.” In corporate settings, Moodle could be better articulated with other organization’s processes and Enterprise Resource Planning software. MoodleNet continues to raise expectations. Finally, Moodle Mobile’s publicized redesign is expected to influence the LMS web metrics on adoption and engagement throughout the year.

On the “hardware” side of things, Moodle officially launched its second headquarters in Barcelona’s Eixample District. As Dougiamas has stressed before, the offices are a “gateway for further opportunities within Europe” according to a press release.

Read “Perth-born software company expands to Europe as international growth continues” at moodle.com.

One last thing: MoodleMoot Global?

Check out more highlights in our #MootES18 Twitter Moment. ■

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