Currrent and former Moodle HQ developers Adrian Greeve and Frédéric Massart managed to carve out some leisure time to build and maintain the hit plugin family Stash, which quite appropriately adds a gamification layer to a Moodle course. Stash is not a unique activity, but simultaneously a creativity challenge and a productivity tool with the potential to awaken students’ interest in discovering new things and attending to detail. It works by allowing the teacher to “stash” special items throughout the course. Call them coins, gems, power-ups, or something clever based on your course content to give students an enhanced experience.

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Sneak these items across Moodle pages and activities. Students will be able to collect them as they take their lessons, and a personal, digital coffer will store their items on their profile. You can set a finite number of the items to raise the stakes (but proceed with care).

Stash is the name of three plugins maintained by Massart and Greeve: The core functionality in the Stash Block, the item availability counter in Stash Availability conditions type plugin, and the Stash filter, which makes it simple to embed items practically anywhere in the Moodle course.

The latest version of the Stash block plugin (dated May 9 and 10) comes with a series of new key features that might not change the appearance, but will make for a better experience:

  • Implementation of Privacy API to help ensure GDPR compliance
  • Support for Moodle “Filter Shortcodes,” a proposed standard for Moodle filters that might unify text filter functionality and deprecate Filter plugins, including the Stash snippets filter.
  • Compatibility up to Moodle 3.5. End of support for Moodle 3.0 and 2.9.
  • Typo fixed.

Get the whole Stash plugin family from Moodle’s official directory.

Install or download Stash block type plugin.■

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