Since last year, Moodle HQ has been “threatening” us with a broader “Learn Moodle” offering, beyond the traditional semiannual “Learn Moodle Basics” MOOC following every major release. And, it looks like they’re finally delivering.

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In fairness, “Learn Moodle Basics” is not the only course currently offered by Moodle officially. There is also the self-paced Learn Moodle Analytics offered by the team with Elizabeth Dalton at the helm. The difference is that this has not been offered under the “Learn Moodle” guise.

While no official announcement has been made, the Moodle YouTube channel hat just released a “Learn Moodle beginner admin.” With 11 videos, it seems evident what they are about and the audience they are gathering – mostly small site managers with little to no programming experience. Possibly teachers or staff at smaller learning organizations, or even Moodlepreneurs.

Judging by the videos, we can gather they are aimed at people with some familiarity with Moodle, and the “Learn Moodle Basics” should be a recommended prerequisite. Still, the videos are concise, bite-size formatted, and they look to answer concrete questions about managing a Moodle site, courses and users. The titles are in fact questions:

  1. How can new users access my Moodle site?
  2. How can users sign up to my Moodle?
  3. How can I add individual users to my Moodle?
  4. How I bulk add users to my Moodle?
  5. How can learners sign up to my courses?
  6. How can I add groups (cohorts) to my Moodle?
  7. How can guest access my Moodle?
  8. How can guests access my courses?
  9. How can I add teachers and learners to my courses?
  10. How can I set up payment for my Moodle courses?
  11. How can I add groups to my Moodle courses?

Check out the playlist here. Stay tuned for the official announcement on “Learn Moodle Beginner Admin” MOOC, only in MoodleNews!

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