Get Ready For The Moodle User Association Annual General Meeting! MUA June Update
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President Richardson shares a new update about the Moodle Users Association, covering internal affairs, the current Project Development Cycle, MUA’s Annual General Meeting, the plan to increase memberships and therefore project funding resources, and the brand new Moodle 3.5, a source of pride for all members.

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The latest major release of the open LMS owes big thanks to MUA for the Extended Question Bank Tagging and Management functionality. The project was chosen for development in MUA’s first Project Development Cycle of 2017. The tagging allows instructors to create randomized quizzes from a pool of questions in the same tag set. The complete functionality as envisioned could not be completely fulfilled, as part of the original plan included a “predefined tags dropdown” menu while editing questions, which the tagging system does not support. However, the tag field does show suggestions based on existing tags, which the development team found satisfactory.

The date for the 2018 MUA Annual General Meeting has been confirmed for Tuesday, September 4th. It is the requisite summit of members to review policies and strategies, and it takes place online. If there is no quorum on the first date, it will be rescheduled for the following Tuesday, September 11th.

Richardson and the Committee continue to explore ways to increase MUA membership and project resources. Existing members are the main line of action, and can take advantage of three tools: The Association email [email protected] which you can share with prospects, or to which you can send contact information for Richardson to reach out directly (no spam promise!); a boilerplate invitation to use to reach out, available here; and the video above.

The final round of voting for the 2018 January to June Project Development Cycle is about to begin on Wednesday, June 13th. Moodle HQ should have cost estimates for these projects ready a few before. There is a small possibility that some candidates might not make it to the final round if they are deemed unfeasible. Final voting will end on Wednesday, June 27th, then white smoke will blow and we will have a new Project for the Moodleverse.

Finally, MUA is looking for a new Project Manager.

Read “June MUA Newsletter” at■

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