Get Live Moodle Conference Metrics With IntelliBoard-BigBlueButton Team-Up


The two popular, Moodle-based organizations have partnered up to provide state-of-the-art analytics on how students behave in virtual rooms and livestreaming settings, unlocking new avenues in the understanding of how users interact in real-time online.

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The integration will enable users of the IntelliBoard reporting and analytics dashboard, in Moodle, to access “graphical representations of ‘User Summaries’.” Metrics provided by the dashboard include:

  • Session participation (“less than 30 minutes,” “more than 30 minutes,” “more than 60 minutes”)
  • Participant distribution (“returning” versus “first-time”)
  • Participation (“listening,” “speaking” or “using video”)
  • Session engagement
  • Operating system distribution
  • BigBlueButton course usage distribution

A “Collapsed Report” view allows for more synthetic numbers about active sessions (date, length, number of participants, participation rates) that provide insight for deeper exploration.

BigBlueButton and IntelliBoard are among the most popular plugins for Moodle. Both companies, IntelliBoard and Blindside Networks (makers of BigBlueButton) are two of only three official Moodle Premium Integrators, and the first ones deserving of the distinction. Premium Integrators are recognized for high-quality solutions, seamless to deploy in Moodle, and often supported by Moodle Partners. Both Integrators offer a basic free tier of their product with limited functionality available to all Moodle users.

Read the press release, “Big Blue Button Gets Bigger Badder Better with Augmented Reporting Through IntelliBoard” at

Disclaimer: IntelliBoard is a MoodleNews sponsor.


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