Fully-Featured Free Trials And Other Things You Should Dare Ask Your LMS Sales Rep
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You cannot replace the LMS experience for a significant number of varied stakeholders with a brochure or a small sample. And you cannot predict design flaws or bugs that come from natural interactions with the system. Finally, you cannot test the interactions in collaboration and real-time messaging just by yourself. These are just a few of the reasons why you should always ask for a free trial of the LMS you are about to jump into.

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If the previous advice did not feel like asking too much, or even bold, congratulations! You are on your way to a top-notch LMS experience. If it takes courage to ask for more, remember the needs of who you are representing, take a deep breath, and demand:

  • That the trial gives access to all users, or at least to a number sufficient enough to cover all the use cases present in your organization. If your students breath social media, LMS content sharing on mobile should be flawless. If you are switching systems and hundreds of math department hours have been put into a math tool, make sure you don’t yank it away overnight.
  • That the trial comes with complete customer support. In general, that it replicates exactly the real thing, once it’s bought and set up.
  • A no-questions-asked 90-day contract reversal. What do LMS and mortgages in the ’08 crisis have in common? Their warranties last shorter than a toaster’s. Even if the LMS provider agrees, it could still be expensive to migrate away from a system. But the cost will never amount to a subpar experience for years to come.

Do you have more ideas? What has been the boldest demand you have managed to get in your LMS procurement?■

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