Why would an impact-based humanitarian organization make such a frivolous expense in the branded version of the otherwise free Moodle apps? Because it is not.
FINCA Impact Finance represents 20 microlenders focused on low-income customers. And in this business, technology is the best ally to quantify and manage unforeseen risks. Mobile and agent banking are key. They offer highly accessible, affordable financing on the field. And of course, there is another powerful mobile technology they play with.
As reported recently at moodle.com, Moodle was the weapon of choice when it was time to train local teams with efficiency. The apps are straightforward, and provide the best mobile learning experience available today. The time between installing the app and achieving the first competence has never been shorter.
But there are unique demands for an organization devoted to evidence-based impact. The mobile LMS should provide thorough and actionable analytics. The reporting solutions should be able to integrate with bottom-line systems. Finally, its layout should be clear and easy to recognize. This is where the Branded Moodle apps came in. Or should we say, “FINCA Learning Zone.” Students will never have to know they are Moodlers, helping open source software for development to thrive. Although perhaps they should.
“FINCA Learning Zone” single-handedly replaced a clunky ecosystem of subsidiary platforms globally. More than 10,000 FINCA Impact Finance employees access training content used to provide close and expert guidance to customers. It explains the 85% user activity, 12 months after first signing up. At last count, 26,827 certificates across 720 courses have been issued.
Learn more about FINCA Impact Finance at fincaimpact.com.
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