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7-nations strong Moodle Partner eThink Education, and Genius SIS (Student Information System) are announcing their LMS-SIS partnership, which is expected to take a leap forward in the current landscape of interaction and secure data transfer among staple institutional systems.

A Student Information System takes care of administrative elements of a student enrollment in a structured learning program offered by a school, university, or institution. It complements the LMS by taking care of issues including admissions, use and payment of organizational resources, and can manage requests and complaints. A common challenge among institutions, often proportional to their size, is the need to sync information between SIS and LMS on aspects such as course enrollments, attendance, credits, and faculty loads.

Simplifying the interaction between systems, while adding newer value-added features, is one of the key drivers of the eThink-Genius SIS partnership. Genius will incorporate eThink’s Moodle-based LMS Data into their reporting capabilities, to enhance the understanding of educational and operational processes. eThink Education’s Brian Carlson recognizes Genius quality in the segment, and considers the SIS adaptable, reliable, and efficient. Genius SIS is capable of real-time reporting and actionable analytics, which are expected to remain so after the expanded capabilities.

Read the press release “Genius SIS and eThink Education Partner to Offer Seamless SIS-LMS Integration” at prweb.com.

Learn more about Genius SIS on their website.

Disclaimer: eThink Education is a sponsor of MoodleNews.

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