Don’t Be A ‘square,’ Try This Radical Moodle Theme

Moodler Gareth Barnard partnered up with David Bogner on a new to update the theme: “square,” perhaps one of the Barnard’s boldest theme creations. The Moodle Theme has awoken after a long hiatus to become Moodle 3+ compatible.

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To understand “square” and how it deviates from what is usually found in Moodle, the theme’s description offers a glimpse into the creators’ thinking process:

«The idea of this theme is to put design in first place, and then see if it can be done technically. This is the first theme most of the users do not recognize it was made for Moodle theme ????


It uses a lot of squares.»

Here’s the “square” feature breakdown:

  • Frontpage slideshow with a standard animation
  • New, square-y Moodle and social media icons
  • Default font optimizes web readability
  • “Super drop-down custom menu”

The developers are working under the “Fund a Feature” model, meaning they are open to users and organizations identifying features they would like to see, ideally with a willingness to finance the necessary work. Bogner and Barnard are willing to make the theme responsive, so it can work on every screen, if they get some support for it. Interested feature funders may contact the team at [email protected]

Download or install “square” from the Moodle Plugin Directory.

updated 2/6/2018 for accuracy in theme authorship (the theme was originally created by David Bogner. Gareth Barnard has contributed to it being updated. 

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