Did You Miss Out On The Raddest ‘Rocket’ Launch? Try This Moodle Theme

The “de-moodle-fication” movement continues as a trend for theme development in 2018.

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This time, taking the lead is “Rocket,” a theme for professional use that offers new alternatives for the placement of elements on the page, particularly Moodle Blocks positioning.

The latest update brings Moodle 3.4 functionality, namely new navigation and Calendar features, next to an enhanced level of theme customizations, including the logo, color palette, menus, labels, copyright notices, and social icons. To make these personalizations easier, it features a “Theme Designer Mode” from which all the variables can be easily tweaked.

“Rocket” has a three-column layout, inspired by early versions of the “Aardvark” theme. It is designed to replicate the look of a professional, non-Moodle website. It is a fixed-width theme, meaning it does not feature responsiveness to fit smaller, mobile screens.

The theme is supported with contributions by Arindam Gosh, original creator Julian Ridden, and the DualCube team, who provide timely response to issues notified by the users on the theme’s Moodle page.

The “Rocket” theme for Moodle is compatible with versions 2.5 to 3.2.

A demo for “Rocket” is available at features.demo.moodle.com.au, courtesy of Pukunui.

Install or download the “Rocket” theme from the official Moodle plugin directory.

Read more in the “Rocket theme” documentation, at docs.moodle.org.

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