Compliance By Design? Blackboard’s Thoughts On GDPR
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In our recent technological history, it has become almost a trope that regulation lags behind innovation. Usually, most of us seem to be fine with it. But when it comes to the protection of personal data, certain recent events have made the public aware of and cautious about how the tech companies they trust will respond to their concerns.

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On the regulation-embracing side, Blackboard sees data privacy as a human right. GDPR is seen as an opportunity to finally put this vision into practice and as deep within the corporate structure as needed. This is also true because it is almost certain that similar data regulations will become a law elsewhere across industrialized countries.

Blackboard recently shared a few of its important data privacy features:

  • A “Global Data Privacy Program” in charge of auditing existing processes, systems, and documentation to ensure GDPR compliance.
  • While GDPR allows “data transfer” with countries outside the European Union as long as their legal regimes are deemed “adequate,” Blackboard plays it safe by hosting as much data as possible within the continent.
  • Agreements with third-party providers will be constantly monitored and a “data processing addendum” included.
  • A whitepaper, “How Blackboard’s GDPR implementation supports our clients,” describes the process, offering basic guidance (by no means legal advice) in the hopes of bringing transparency to customers and users.

As it is unclear whether or not these new product development procedures will apply retroactively to existing services and customers, providers of data platforms like Blackboard also have an opportunity to amp up their privacy and security across selling operations. Expect new “GDPR-ready” data products to become available for integration soon.

Read “How Blackboard’s Global Data Privacy Program supports clients” at

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