While Colombia ranks 29th in population and 112th in GDP per capita, it holds the #8 spot in Moodle in terms of registered sites, meaning they must be doing something right. And for the only local Moodle Partner around (after Moodlerooms acquired Nivel Siete,) Colombia’s Edu Labs’ ongoing expansion, first to Mexico and now to Ecuador, is a testament to the world-class quality learning solutions available to hundreds of millions thanks to Moodle.

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Last week, Edu Labs officially started operations in its southern brother with Moodle Day, a condensed version, hopefully the prologue of the first MoodleMoot in the country, featuring showcases, talks, and networking opportunities. During the event, which took place in National Polytechnic University’s Quito campus, the company launched their eProctoring integration services, which offer a secure environment for standardized testing within Moodle.

Edu Labs offers end-to-end Moodle services, and is one of the few partners authorized to award Moodle Course Creator Certificates in the region and the world. In Colombia, Edu Labs’ track record of customers includes local leaders such as the National University of Colombia, the country’s largest higher ed institution, among a near-dozen universities, plus corporations, government agencies, and NGOs, including the United Nations.

Read the official press release, “Colombian based E-learning expert, Edu Labs, expands their Moodle support services into Mexico and Ecuador,” at moodle.com. ■

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