Project MoodleNet is the upcoming social media platform for educators. It will be an integral part of Moodle ecosystem consisting of Moodle Core, Moodle mobile app, Moodle training,, MoodleMoot, Learn Moodle, Moodle Users association etc.
– the lead person behind the Project MoodleNet, is working to connect the dots for the project. Just before the Christmas, the draft version of white paper was completed for the project. The white paper is now moved to the Project MoodleNet wiki. Now the team is planning, experimenting, and testing with various protocols and standards for the Project.

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What is Project MoodleNet?

In simpler terms it is going to be the “Social Network for Educators”. But instead of being a platform like Facebook, Twitter, Project MoodleNet will be focused on professional development and open content. It is envisaged that Project will contain the following features:

  • Identity and reputation: to empower educators to develop their public profile
  • Messaging: to empower educators to connect with each other
  • News feed: to empower educators to keep up-to-date
  • Access to openly-licensed resources: to empower educators to share with one another
  • Crowdfunding: to empower educators to be supported in their work.

The team is working on figuring out the components of Project MoodleNet and how they will integrate with each other. Initially it was supposed to have 6 components which have increased to 8 components.
The team is planning to use Mastodon and Hubzilla that are compatible with the (newly W3C-recommended) ActivityPub protocol. For authentication system OpenID Connect  is the first choice.
The team is also working on making the Project Moodlenet as a GDPR compliant platform. Check out the recent progress and updates on Project here –
Are you interested in this new social platform for educators? What are your expectations from this new social network for educators? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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