Check Out Blackboard’s Learning Analytics Special

Blackboard’s magazine has published a “Learning Analytics” special edition including beginner introductions, case studies, ethical considerations, interviews, and a visual glossary.

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The main story is a profile of John Whitmer and the data science team he leads inside the EdTech giant. Whitmer is a leading researcher in analytics and a familiar figure to Moodle and the Moodleverse.

Other items in the special include:

  • Ethical Concerns With Learning Analytics: What You Should Be Aware of. Not only must organizations have rigorous processes to handle personal student data, but misuse or misunderstanding of data itself can be a liability for an organization.
  • Predictive Analytics to Student Success Improvement. A general purpose workflow to use data to identify student patterns and risks, suggesting the importance of follow-up and personalized interventions.
  • How UCEM Uses Learning Analytics to Support Student Retention (customer snapshot). It documents the UK’s University College of Estate Management‘s use of Blackboard’s proprietary X-Ray analytics solution for its online programs
  • Learning Analytics Possibilities and Challenges of Using Data Science. A profile of Timothy Harfield, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Blackboard Analytics, and the possibilities and limitations of data applied to learning.
  • A learning analytics glossary.

Access the full special here.

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