Can a “federated, resource-centric” social network for educators thrive? The Moodleverse has been asking this question since the MoodleNet project launched. This week, the entire EdTech world will be able to ask, and even help answer this question. MoodleNet’s leader, Doug Belshaw, will discuss the vision at the ALT Annual Conference. At the 2018 gathering of “movers and shakers,” Belshaw will showcase the prototypes. He hopes to gather valuable feedback for the “next-generation space” for educators. From Moodle HQ, Gavin Henrick and Garnet Berry will host an exhibit booth.

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A preview of the latest version of the MoodleNet slide deck for ALT shows a few interesting updates. Technical Architect, Mayel de Borniol, shares top billing along with Belshaw. It also features a comparison with Mastodon, a popular decentralized social network. Other technical milestones are available at MoodleNet’s GitLab page.

Also on Thursday, prominent Moodler, MUA Commitee member and UCL staff Jessica Gramp will host an informal community session, this time in the name of the ABC Special Interest Group. The ABC Learning Design is an Erasmus+ funded initiative focused on “agile” and “rapid” online learning design capacity building. Gramp will also take part on a morning short session, “Big Change, Little Change.”

The ALT Annual Conference 2018 is taking place September 11th to 13th in Manchester. A selected number of talks will be live streamed via YouTube, including Belshaw’s.

Belshaw will address the ALT audience on Thursday, the 13th. Clicking on the video before his talk will enable a reminder.

Read “Moodle goes to ALTC 2018 – The leading Learning Tech conference in the UK” at


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