Bold Updates Coming In Moodle Theme “Moove” 2.3.0

Brazilian Moodler William Mano Araujo shares the latest updates to the “Moove” theme, a modern, responsive outlook for Moodle sites of any purpose. Corporations, learning companies, and higher ed institutions who use “Moove”  now have a few new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

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New feature: Text and image slideshow on the frontpage

Regarding the new features, there is:

  • A text and image slideshow on the front page
  • The site’s total figures (users, courses, and activities) can be shown anywhere on the site, including non-member pages.
  • A “sponsors and partners” section can show the logos of people and organizations who have supported you or your Moodle.
  • Custom footer, supporting background images, and custom styles.
  • Custom favicon.
  • The option to set an image header for a course. (This is an experimental feature.)
  • The top bar color is customizable.
New feature: Show numbers in the frontpage page

On the improvements, they might be subtle but are still important. Responsiveness, teacher profiles, course card visibility and highlights, and template stabilization are some of the key enhancements. Finally, fixes to the footer and site labels bugs complete the update.

New feature: show a row of sponsors, partners, clients, etc

As is the case in the development of several plugins, “Moove” is the result of a customer request that decides to share the work with the community. In this case, Rede Pró Aprendiz and Avante Brasil are the ones to thank.

Install or download the “Moove” theme for Moodle from the official plugin directory.

Read more: “New Moove theme 2.3.0 for Moodle” at

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