Ben Reynolds, Johns Hopkins’ Gift To The Moodleverse

A riveting story is hinted at with only the first three words of Ben Reynolds’ interview for the brand new “community” section of

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«Spring of 2008.»

A little familiarity with the subject, and the person –an easy feat for Moodle Forum regulars– reveals that Reynolds, Senior Program Manager at the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth is remembering his first encounter with Moodle after a period of LMS hopscotching. CTY, “world leader in gifted education since 1979,” found in Moodle a comforting simplicity.

Not everyone has had the fortune of seeing the open source LMS with the same benevolence. It might explain why Reynolds earned the nickname “Fixer.” He started making sure other people’s Moodle sites were properly set up. Over time, as the system evolved, his role shifted into the role of “technology adoption facilitator.” As a “Fixer,” his approach was clear:

«[K]nowledge of Moodle helps me help subject area specialists and course designers (…) Don’t tell me what you think you can do; tell me what you WANT to do.»

Reynolds likens Moodle to a scientific field that has rapidly evolved in the last decade. As niches of work build up, it’s only natural that there are parts of it that befuddle some people. But each puzzling element will be second nature to someone else.

«And that’s where the community comes in.»

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