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Spring break is over, but looking at the latest update from the President of the Moodle Users Association, Emma Richardson, it seems like there never was one. Updates about the current Project Development Cycle, past winner “Expanded Question Bank Management,” and the upcoming Town Halls on the 3rd and 10th featuring some talk of GDPR talk show how busy she’s kept herself and the Association. Here are the highlights of Richardson’s latest announcement:

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MUA Town Halls confirmed for April 3 and 10

Moodle HQ’s Sander Bangmer will join the virtual meeting on the 3rd for a discussion of how GDPR will affect MUA and Moodle as a whole. Richardson recommends European members attend this session. It will take place from 8-9 am, UTC time. Visit this link to attend.

The following week will feature Moodle HQ’s Alberto Corado talking all things UX. His invitation is meant to continue debates from last month’s Town Halls. Visit this link to attend.

2018 January – June Development Cycle final round nominees chosen

Ten projects made it to the shortlist, some more comfortably than others. Managers of the projects that are still alive have until May 17th to finalize their requirements, which will be reviewed by Moodle HQ prior to the final voting round. Project that did not make the cut will remain available on the Moodle Tracker, and Richardson encourages owners to improve them and submit again for the next Cycle.

Here are the ten project that made the cut. When the final round of voting opens on June 13th, they will start with a clean slate:

  • Course overview block in dashboard improvements (27,800 votes)
  • Improve Moodle’s Core Forums by incorporating features from Moodlerooms Advanced Forums (14,925 votes)
  • Implement Interoperability Standard (IMS Global OneRoster 1.0) (13,170 votes)
  • Add ChemJax filter to Moodle Core (10,110 votes)
  • Simplify activity chooser (7,245 votes)
  • Ability for Tutors to Submit Assignments on Behalf of Students (5,500 votes)
  • Extend mobile app to easily work with Moodle plugins (5,120 votes)
  • A feature to share templates of Rubric in Workshop activity (4,305 votes)
  • Let administrators merge users (3,850 votes)
  • Ability to set activity dates based on course start/end date or enrollment date (3,050 votes)

“Expanded Question Bank Management / Categorization” project advances

The project page on the Moodle Tracker shows progress almost on a weekly basis. Users are also welcome to try and tag questions, then build quizzes out of a random sample of tagged items on the prototype page, at

MUA Annual General Meeting in the works for early fall

Richardson asks us to “stay posted.”

MUA members can see Richardson’s full announcement here.

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