All You Need To Know To Get Ready For The Moodle Users Association’s Annual General Meeting, September 4
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Seven items are lined up in the upcoming Annual General Meeting of the Moodle Users Association’s order of business. In the midst of election season, the gathering should prove to be a worthwhile gathering of members, including the nominees for the MUA Committee, from which the Chairperson will be chosen. The voting time window closes just hours before the General Meeting.

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Here is the agenda for the Annual General Meeting:

  • Financial report. MUA seems to be in a healthy position. Read more here (on item 7).
  • Announcement on the Election of Committee Members.
  • Review of proposed rule changes. Members will be able to propose rule changes, some of which have been discussed in Town Halls recently. A “Special Meeting” in October will be devoted to make final decisions.
  • Review of Project Development Cycles. In consideration there are: “Expanded Question Bank Management” (2017 January-June Cycle and already in Moodle), “Question Statistical Report” (also known as “Fix analytical tools for random quiz questions for consistency across use cases,” 2017 July-December Cycle) and “Course overview block in dashboard improvements” (2018 January-June, Moodle Tracker Issue MDL-61384).
  • Other successes. Included here: a recognition of current Chair Emma Richardson’s enhanced communication efforts, the website’s upgrades, MoodleMoot presence, the Town Halls, and the implementation of the Moodle Tracker for the Project Development Cycle.
  • Future suggestions. The last item will open the mic to members for sharing ideas and voices.

MUA’s Annual General Meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 4th, 2018 at 12:00 UTC.

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