Add This Theme To Your Moodle To Easily Upgrade Its Look

Beyond the starting set, users of the “Degrade” theme can influence newer gradient palettes through audience participation. Users can log in to the “Degrade” GitHub page and submit color ideas, which can be seen and backed by other users. Kraus makes an effort to reflect users’ most popular preferences in each upcoming update.

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A work in progress for “Degrade” is its mobile support, both for the browser and the Moodle apps. Kraus admits he has “tried to optimize [it in] Moodle for mobile,” and has improved the display of settings pages on mobile.

Get a taste of the available choices at

To install the “Degrade” theme, download the package manually and then add the uncompressed files to your Moodle themes folder. See FTP and GitHub instructions here. (To date, the Moodle Plugin Directory page does not offer install or download options.)

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