Gatherings in 3 continents wrapped up 2018, a momentous year for Moodle and the community. We may not get registration figures, but the online activity suggests participation records were broken.

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In November and December, these were the Moots that completed a tour around the world:

MoodleMoot Peru 2018: Or did it?

Slated in Lima for November 22nd and 23rd, no further information is available from the official site or the pages from Moodle Partner and organizer Atypax. There is also no social media activity for, which should confirm the event did not take place. No confirmation has been received upon request.

MoodleMoot Brazil 2018-João Pessoa

The vibrant and socially attentive Brazillian Moodle community holds two sessions each year, which could become 3 in 2019. The tradition was born out of the interest to showcase the cutting-edge development and implementation in Moodle, as well as make it reach the moiling corners of this vast geography. As a result, every year a “Moot” is held in São Paulo, a global hub of talent, technology and finance; while a second gathering takes Moodlers around the country.

Highlights Of MoodleMoot Brazil 2018, Session One, São Paulo

Despite their lower profile compared to other “Moots,” Brazil’s meetings are consistently packed, full or masterful use of Moodle, and groundbreaking in more dimensions than one. The João Pessoa edition pioneered free live YouTube streaming.

And check out “Zeki,” the MoodleMoot Brazil chatbot. (It works in Portuguese only.)

MoodleMoot India 2018

If Brazil delivers a two-part lesson in inclusive mastery, the Southern Asian country event added a reflexive, often critical tone on how Moodle is used and built. Some of the stern titles of the talks contrast with the Latin optimism. They do not just deliver on technical and pedagogical themes. They also allude to critical questions about the future of learning in the emerging world, and what makes a technology actually impactful:

  • Are we innovating, or just digitizing traditional teaching?
  • Challenges in conducting online examination with Moodle
  • Usefulness and practicality of Moodle quizzes to enhance the learning process for Foundation Mathematics courses in Engineering
  • How Does User Experience Affect Learning

Download all the slides.

MoodleMoot Greece and Italy 2018

From two massive, forward-thinking and critical for the future of Moodle, we shift to the old continent, with still important discussions about what compliance and identity means in a globalized world with unfamiliar protagonists. GDPR, of course, looms in the air, as the perfect example on how to deal with the local consequences of global

Most of the content of MoodleMoot Greece and MoodleMoot Italy is in their local languages, including full video records. Among the few content in English, however, valuable content from day-long workshops is available, including:

  • Designing, implementing and evaluating K12 Blended Learning through the Quality Matters Framework: A Step-by-Step Approach
  • Application of Content Management Systems on Secondary Education by Means of the Driver Constructivist Model
  • Gamifying educational content

Watch MoodleMoot Italy as if you were there:

Relive the MoodleMoots of 2018 in our curated Twitter moments:

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