One of the most expected new features in Moodle 3.3 is the integration with online office suites. To settle the spirits, Moodle HQ took the diplomatic route and enabled both Google and Microsoft integration into Moodle’s core functionality.

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There are two methods of interaction between Moodle and these services, as the video shows:

Oath 2 Authentication

Admins can set up login using Microsoft or Google identities. When enabled, “Login with” buttons will appear for the activated services. This will allow students to link their Moodle user account with their Microsoft or Google account, making login a snap.

Access to Personal Online Storage

Once the account is linked to the service identity, it is possible to access the corresponding storage service (Microsoft’s OneDrive, Google Drive) as an option in the “File Picker.” When submitting an assignment, for instance, users can directly link a file from their online storage or create a copy to store on Moodle. No information on upcoming ability to edit files using the G Suite or Microsoft 356 online office applications is available at this time.

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  1. […] Since Moodle 3.3, a site can enable third-party authentication without the need of plugins. This is possible thanks to OAuth2 compatibility. OAuth2 or “social login” is a widely adopted specification that connects login information. It keeps data secure and private. When you click on “Log in using Google” or any other service, Moodle gets basic profile information. It never gets your full password. It is often considered a more secure and practical option to manual login. You can add as many buttons as you want, from the over 30 platforms compatible with “social login.” […]


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