Would You Consider Rwanda A Poster Child For Rapid Basic EdTech Expansion?

Thanks to Moodle, soon you might able to.

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The government of Rwanda, with help from USAID and FHI 360, is setting an international example when it comes to innovative approaches in education. First up is the government’s “School Based Mentorship Program” and its 2022 timeframe. Rwanda is leveraging information and communication technologies for both the teaching itself as well as for the professional development of teachers nationwide. Pedagogically, it displays a comprehensive focus on Competencies and CBE, which sets the core of the formative strategies directed at teachers.

Despite the perceived difficulties in assembling a comprehensive and relevant education system and curricula on a national level, the competent hands of Moodle, FHI 360, and USAID dissipates most of the threats to success in national basic education policy implementation. This remains the case despite the momentous time for Rwanda, where a massive transition from French to English is in process across classrooms. More than a way to start anew, it will likely simplify the nation’s relationships with its neighbors and main trade partners.

In sum, competencies, mentorship, and internationalization elements will be delivered to “empower teachers” through local communities of practice. It was not initially apparent what the ideal learning delivery platform would be.

When the University of Rwanda got involved, Moodle became the unequivocal choice. Affordability, usability, sustainability, and compatibility with SCORM packages are the main reasons stated for the procurement. A “Foundations of Reading” Diploma for teachers on Moodle launched in February, setting the stage for an increasing number of teachers to certify their skills and take part in the country’s transition.

Visit the project’s Moodle site at education.rw/ecourse.

Visit the Rwanda Education Portal at education.rw.

Read a case study, “Moodle empowers educators in Rwanda, East Africa,” at moodle.com/stories.

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