Why The Moodleverse Won’t Stop Hearing From Solange Lalonde Any Time Soon

The latest addition to the dashing new Education Team is Solange Lalonde, now Education Advisor at Moodle HQ, but formerly a teacher in the Alberta school board system and Associate Director for the encompassing Rupertsland Institute devoted to education, training, and research for the indigenous Métis Nation in Canada’s western province.

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Lalonde’s appointment confirms the trend that, to fully embrace the task of building new knowledge and products in hand of the community, a special “sense of wonder and inquisitiveness” is just as important as a world-class resume. A sense of the mission that global educators should embrace in today’s landscape of marginalization and unequal access to quality teaching is also a must-have, although inside Moodle HQ it’s impossible not to acquire it, if you haven’t already.

As a “fifth-generation educator,” Lalonde’s experiences in teaching indigenous people “preschool to high school,” plus developing curriculum for higher and professional settings, have shaped a unique worldview, recognizable in her publication “Relational Model for Teaching and Learning,” completed this year as part of her graduate research. It is based on Qualitative Research and “Narrative approaches” as transformative elements of pedagogy.

Lalonde believes Moodle is ready to be used for a lot more than what it is used for today, starting with her own admission. “I always feel like I am one of those teachers who only use a small fraction of what Moodle is capable of.” Through her work, supported by her own RMTL creation, she will not only make sure herself and others dive deep into Moodle’s features, but do so in an inclusive way, that never ceases to ask “Whose voice is this? Whose voice is missing?”

As part of Moodle HQ’s Education Team, Lalonde will be instrumental in the development of the highly anticipated Learn Moodle curriculum. Interested on meeting the whole crew? Join them in Mumbai for MoodleMoot India 2017, December 18-19th.

Read the interview “We go behind the scenes with Moodle’s new Education Advisor, Solange Lalonde” at moodle.com.

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