Why Moodler – Martin Dougiamas still believes in EdTech after two decades #moodle


Martin Dougiamas – founder and CEO of Moodle project recently spoke out his heart in an on air interview with EdSurge. The interview was all about “Why Moodle’s Mastermind, Martin Dougiamas, Still Believes in Edtech After Two Decades”.
Martin spoke about the journey started with Martin’s Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment which later turned to Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. It was a journey started before the “LMS” became an acronym. However, Martin himself don’t call Moodle as an LMS instead he terms Moodle as a Learning platform or “LMS Maker” because of Moodle’s “flexible modularity” which allows anyone to “build the perfect LMS.”
You can check out the complete interview through your favorite podcast app or through iTunes.

Martin also emphasized about the sustainability among the open source softwares. The business model of Moodle is totally designed to support the project but still achieve the mission of providing the software for free, open source, and has all the benefits that it does. 

Why Moodler still believes in EdTech after two decades #moodle
Martin Dougiamas during MoodleMajlis Dubai 2017

Martin also commented about the change in technology in last two decades. Martin said:

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“It doesn’t matter what technology we’re using. We could be all sitting here with AR headsets and neural interfacing to the internet in 10, 20 years. These things are still going to happen, these basic structures are still going to happen. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of talk from edtech companies about disrupting education, about destroying old models—it’s quite violent language in a way.”

Simultaneously, the thing which didn’t changed in the same period is the “Human Brain”. The way our brain works means we need to undertake certain activities to really learn things.

“I really believe that humanity as a whole will suffer if we allow everybody to crawl into their own filter bubble and just become so specialized at one thing that they don’t have the ability to interact globally, across cultures, to understand and to empathize with people on the other side of the world.”

Check out the full interview through SoundCloud or iTunes here or read the text version through EdSurge here.
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Reference: https://www.edsurge.com/news/2017-05-02-why-moodle-s-mastermind-martin-dougiamas-still-believes-in-edtech-after-two-decades

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