The next major version release of Moodle LMS i.e. Moodle 3.4 – is scheduled to be released on Second Monday of November 2017. The new version will is now under development and Moodle HQ developers team is working in the background to make it a reality. The new Moodle 3.4 is focused to improve the Usability experience of the Moodle users without adding any major features.
Dr. Martin Dougiamas – CEO & Founder of Moodle also stated the upcoming features in Moodle 3.4 during his keynote speech at the recently organized MoodleMoot Germany 2017. The road map of Moodle Project includes the major areas of development like Platform, Access, Management, Feedback, Content.What's coming in Moodle 3.4 - Top 5 New features and improvements coming in #moodle3.4

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Top 5 new features coming in Moodle 3.4:

In this article, I am going to share the major features of Moodle 3.4 which will make Moodle more accessible and better than all earlier versions. Current major improvements include:

  1. Merging Participants and Enrollments page – A long pending request from Moodle community members finally coming to be true very soon. Currently Moodle has two different pages with almost identical list of users and without any significant advantage. The new merged page will seamlessly give all the details on a single page so that they are easy to find, filtered and enrolled/unenrolled, notified and many more. Interesting? Check out the full specifications and current development status here.
  2. Calendar Project (Moodle User’s Association) – Moodle HQ team is working with Moodle User’s Association latest project – Calendar Improvement. The new improved calendar interface will give user-friendly and modern features like drag and drop events. Check out the detailed specifications and updates in this tracker issue.
  3. Promote the Moodle mobile app in core – Since most of learning is now happening through Mobile devices, so Moodle HQ team would like to promote the usage of the mobile app for better user experience. In Moodle 3.4, there will be more hints for the users to use Moodle Mobile app.
  4. Usability improvements for course overview/dashboard – Since introduction in Moodle 3.3, the new dashboard is appreciated by all Moodle users. Moodle HQ team along with other community members are working on further improving the dashboard based on feedback after the 3.3 release.
  5. Adding Inspire Analytics to Core – Phase -1 of the project inspire was launched by Moodle HQ team as a separate plugin along with the release of Moodle 3.3. Now Moodle HQ team is working upon to include the Inspire in Moodle core.

Apart from all these improvements, another significant feature for Moodle developers is the improvements to dynamic scss compilation / caching. Since dynamic SCSS compilation is a heavyweight process and now Moodle HQ team is working to make it work better for users and developers.
Let us know which features you find exciting and what you would like to see in future releases of Moodle?

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