What Is The MoodleCloud Starter Plan?

MoodleCloud is Moodle HQ’s official cloud-based offer of Moodle. Over time, it has increased the number of features it offers, turning with each new update a complete version of a full Moodle installation. MoodleCloud has made sure the improvements are affordable and represent a reliable option for educators and entrepreneurs. Now, it has announced a new “Starter Plan”, looking to fill a gap between free and institutional tiers.

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The MoodleCloud Starter Plan resembles the free version. It includes the same 50 student and 200Mb limit. But the key difference is the three additional features:

  1. Ads are hidden. Students will not see any advertisements in your MoodleCloud course.
  2. Ability to generate Certificates, thanks to the Custom Certificate plugin. Plugins functionality was previously available only in MoodleCloud for schools. The Custom Certificate plugin allow the creation of personal certificates that can be validated on a URL to your MoodleCloud. They can be modified to match an institutional image. Read more about the Custom Certificate plugin.
  3. The site stays active for a year. MoodleCloud automatically deletes courses in the free tier that have been inactive for 60 days. In the Starter Plan, courses are guaranteed to stay up all year long.

You can start now creating your MoodleCloud course for free, and give it a try. You can upgrade to the Starter Plan at any time for an annual fee of AUD 80 (about USD 61).

Find out more at MoodleCloud.com.

Read the announcement at moodle.com.

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