Mahoodle 2017 – the perfect blend of Moodle, world’s most popular learning management system and Mahara which is the world’s most popular open source e-portfolio solution. The 2017 Mahoodle conference was organized by Cambridge Assessment International Education and sponsored by Moodle Partner, Catalyst IT Europe.
Moodle HQ’s community educator – Mary Cooch, went on a special mission to witness the association of Moodle and its open source sister – Mahara. Geoff Stead – Director of Digital & New Product Development for Cambridge Assessment English, commenced the Mahoodle 2017 event by sharing his thoughts and ideas about open source development, including a brief overview of their use across Cambridge Assessment. 
Mary presented about the new features and developments of Moodle 3.4. Check out her presentation here. In her presentation, Mary  shared how Moodle 3.4 will focus on improving the usability of existing features such as the calendar, course management, activity management, and 100% support for all key functionality within the mobile app.

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Other interesting presentations include:

  • Advanced Analytics in Mahara by Lisa Donaldson and Antony Coombs where they provided an overview of the enhancements to reporting capabilities with Mahara sharing the significant benefits of using detailed analytics. 
  • The Online Learning Area by Andrew Field where he shows how the online learning Area provides a true Mahoodle instance to support learners and teachers. 
  • Creating Engaging Experiences through UX design by Bea Martinez-Gatell where she shared her thoughts about the fundamental importance of User Experience. 
  • High Stakes; High Value – an approach to summative assessment by Esther and Jane, from Cambridge Assessment International Education, shared details of their ePortfolio project to support Professional Development Qualifications. 
  • Mahoodling for Accreditation – Sam Taylor and Aurélie Soulier provided a detailed overview of how their university is using Mahoodle to support accreditation.

After going through the presentations, I can say that Moodle and Mahara are the real open source sisters and they are going to have a long way together. Find out more details about the presentations and watch the video recording here.
Are you using Mahara – the open source eportfolio solution along with Moodle? Have you also attended the Mahoodle 2017? Do share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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