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As Managing Director of AdaptiVLE, Lewis Carr “lives in a world of code” that does not end at the office. In a recent update on his blog, the first in months, he gives us a glimpse of the Moodle he’s been burning the “midnight oil” working on.

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Carr’s past ideas for Moodle have tended to feel divergent at first, only to find a wide embrace in the community. In a talk at iMoot 2016, he presented us with a parallel between the efforts of superhero media companies to “reboot” their characters and Moodle’s challenge for a similar twirl in the minds of its users. Parallel to his thinking, the Moodleverse was actively discussing the astonishingly old look of Moodle, from which the new “Boost” theme would eventually spring. Then there was his proposition to make the Moodle experience “look like Netflix,” perhaps to encourage “binge learning” and make visual personalization easier. It also coincided with the start of Moodle HQ’s own UX team, which might or might have not been influenced by his thoughts.

In his latest intellectual adventure, Carr reveals the result of his venture to move Moodle into a home-based learning intervention. Homeschooling is a small but fast-growing practice worldwide. In the US, it grew more than 60% in a decade, reaching nearly 2 million kids. Similar trends are reported in the UK. Never mind all that, all Carr has been thinking about is giving his young kids a playful learning experience.

“It’s probably the furthest I’ve ever pushed Moodle,” he admits. He stripped down as much as he could to create his best idea of a Moodle for pre-K on a tablet. He also stress-tested a few plugins, particularly those boasting simplicity and engaging experiences: Level Up!, Stash, and H5P.

It is a work in progress. If history is any indication, you might be witnessing the start of a broader conversation about Moodle and open EdTech for homeschooling and perhaps more extreme learning scenarios where the boundaries of simplicity and usability are put to test.

In the meantime, Carr is happy to report, “My enthusiasm for Moodle has been ignited again lately (…) [F]eeling all inspired and refreshed, I can’t wait to carry on with this project.”

Read the update “I’m still Moodling..better than I ever did” at lewiscarr.co.uk.

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