Waxed theme – the new Moodle theme released in the official Moodle plugins is the first child theme based on the Boost theme. Waxed theme has waited for a long time in the queue to get the final approval from the Moodle HQ team.
As we have reported earlier in the month of December, Waxed theme was ready for release but since Moodle HQ was busy in Moodle 3.2 release the plugin approval queue keep on increasing. But today, Waxed has finally landed in the plugins directory.
Waxed theme is a child theme for Boost and is based on the same Bootstrap 4 framework and Mustache template. The best thing about the waxed theme is that it allows the customization with limited knowledge of CSS/SCSS by the end-user. Since it is based on the Boost theme so it is available for Moodle 3.2 version only.

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New Features:

In addition to Boost, Waxed theme adds the following new features to your Moodle:

  • Presets – presets added by ftp/ssh to the theme/scss/presets folder will be automatically added to the presets drop down, in addition to those uploaded via the user interface.
  • Colours – additional brad colour pickers to fine tune the selected presets, along with the standard pre/post raw scss custom settings.
  • Content – a footnote setting to add standard content into the footer space
  • Heading and images – add a page background image and a default heading background image – the heading image can be overridden at a course level by adding an image banner to the course summary files. A separate login page background image can also be added.
  • Social networking icons – a panel of social icons can be created, including self defined icons.

My hearty congratulations to Richard Oelmann for getting the Waxed theme released and I wish a grand success for the new theme. If you would also love to give it a try, then download your copy from the Moodle plugins here – https://moodle.org/plugins/theme_waxed

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