Moodle Quiz engine is the most powerful and customizable quiz engine among all the modern online learning environments. You can customize the Moodle quiz to meet the need of all students by creating different question types, importing questions from other systems, creating new question behaviors etc. Even many school & college institutes use Moodle only because of the feature rich quiz engine.
Dr. Tim Hunt is the Senior software developer at Open University and the maintainer of the Moodle Quiz Module and Question Bank since May 2006. With a decade long experience in maintaining the Moodle’s core quiz module and using Moodle for thousands of students at Open University, Dr. Tim Hunt and Chris Nelson from Open University presented about the tips for creating a good moodle quiz.
The presentation delivered during the MoodleMoot UK & Ireland  2017 was one of the most impressive presentation on creating good Moodle quizzes. You can watch the video recording of the presentation below or through this link (open in a new window).

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Tim and Chris have hit the nail on the head and shared their long experience at Open University in creating a Good Moodle quiz. If you are looking for the tips in designing Moodle quizzes then this video is the right answer for you.
Have you ever faced any problems in creating Moodle quizzes? Do you have any other tips to make a good Moodle quiz? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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