Voting About To Close At The Moodle Users Association Project Development Cycle

Brand new Vice Chairperson of MUA, or the Moodle Users Association, Emma Richardson, is reminding qualified members to cast their votes in support of one of the many projects who reached the last stage of the MUA’s Project Development Cycle July-December 2016, which is running a bit longer.

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Since late 2015, MUA deploys funds to support improvements to Moodle, the popular, Open Source, Learning Management System. Once a project is chosen they support the development and testing effort, until it becomes an official part of the LMS. A most representative highlight of MUA’s Project Development Lifecycle is the Recycle Bin, which comes by default since Moodle 3.1.

For the current cycle, members submitted projects. Those who received the necessary voting went to the next stage, in which submitters had to provide technical and project requirements. For the next stage, the staff at Moodle Headquarters filtered the submissions by its viability, including cost estimates. Members who present a project become responsible for seeing it go through to completion, should it win over the Association’s favors.

At the end of this purely collaborative endeavor, seven projects are in the running. (To see their requirement link pages, a MUA membership is required.)

To vote, log in at

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