The upcoming Moodle version – Moodle 3.3, will be equipped with a better integration with the office apps like Google Apps and Office 365 apps. Moodle HQ team have started gearing up to make the integration smoother and faster with better permission handling. The project titled “Better Office Integration” is now going in full swing with complete focus of Moodle HQ team.
As reported in the last week, Moodle HQ has organized a community meeting to propose about integrating them in Moodle core. Moodle HQ team have started preparing the technical specifications for the new project and working over it to include it in Moodle 3.3
The technical specifications has the least set of standard features that should be common to a premium standard office integration with Moodle. The first targets are G-Suite and Office 365 but the integration can be extended to other systems in near future in similar way. Complete technical details and the current status about the project are available in the tracker issue  MDL-57794.

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Requirements of the project:

The requirements are categorized under various sections like:

  • Site Config
  • Authentication
  • Calendar
  • Files
  • Assignments
  • Archiving
  • User Experience

If you would also like to suggest any improvement in the specifications, then you can discuss your idea in the Office Integration forum here. If you are a developer then you would be interested in knowing the changes to be made in Moodle to meet the requirements successfully. You can check out the detailed technical specifications here.
Would you like to suggest any improvement in the specifications for the project? Do share with us in the comments below.
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