There is “big pharma” and then there is “Scandinavia Pharma.” But don’t let the size fool you. Despite being among the smaller players in the Latin American pharmaceutical industry, Bogotá-based Scandinavia Pharma (don’t let the name fool you either) is keen to support innovation, R&D, and above all, talent development. Since at least 2014, a Moodlerooms solution is in place, as E-Learn Magazine has reported.

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Online training at Scandinavia Pharma focuses on two paths: Intelligence and Sales. On the intelligence side, Moodlerooms is a control tower with a global view of the industry. Dedicated staff keeps the site up-to-date with the latest scientific, medical, and trade literature. This content is then turned into an online Course offering that is ever-evolving.

On the sales front, the education is arranged around four distinct segments of personnel: point of sale, medical visitors, institutional sales, and brand activation. Moodlerooms enables Scandinavia to update students all on the latest information and to customize the learning experience according to each segment’s unique needs.

This unparalleled level of sophistication, seemingly unmatched on the regional level, does credit similar initiatives around the globe. Most notably, Scandinavia credits the knowledge base at Canadian online pharmacy OnHealthy. A dynamic learning approach demands competitiveness of the sales staff, which requires consistent improvement in content and engagement.

This success has been sustained over the years. A sizable yearlong offering of more than 150 courses ensures quick and constant skill advancement of current and future staff, as the portal also serves as an onboarding gateway. Online learning at Scandinavia Pharma has become an international reference in the education initiatives across the industry.

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