Treat Yourself To The Gift Of Growth By Coming To The Upcoming MoodleMoots

Treats For You By Coming To The Upcoming MoodleMoots
Self-actualizing professionals usually find value in industry events. They sharpen their skills. They open interesting network possibilities. They allow them to breathe a different air.
With so many self-actualizing Moodlers, the packed schedule of MoodleMoots for 2017 does not surprise. MoodleMoots, or “Moots”, are Moodle summits scheduled around the year and the globe. They feature hands-on workshops, trade expert keynote speakers, and presentations. PechaKucha, a fast-paced presentation format, keeps gaining popularity in some Moots.
But MoodleMoots are not like any other trade event, at least according to Moot speaking parishioner Richard Oelmann. Their rare mix of technologists, businesspeople and educators enthuses him. Their loosened formality and easier socialization add to the atmosphere. And the friendly yet engaging debate has a great chance to influence Moodle or the local Moodle Users Association.
To make the most of a MoodleMoot, here are some friendly recommendations. Heads-up: they may not work for everyone.
  • In the larger Moots you will miss a lot of great experiences. Do not worry about it and instead, follow you curiosity. Focus on the people and their stories that interest you the most.
  • Make sure someone who interests you will be there, and bring a “pitch”. It could be a great collaboration opportunity, an idea to pick their brain, or just a friendly introduction.
  • Push the walls of your comfort zone. Join a workshop on a topic that has little to do with your day-to-day. Or apply as presenter, to make it your first fellow speaking engagement.
  • If you are a talent manager, consider funding a trip to a MoodleMoot. It can serve as emotional re-engagement, and as a reward.
  • If you represent an EdTech organization, consider a sponsorship as a way to get your word out. You could be the new exciting idea attendants take home.
  • Set a “post-Moot” time to reflect and think of the new tools, models or tips you can bring into your practice.
Confirmed Moots in 2017 will feature:
Stay tuned to upcoming Moots at or at


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