In continuation to our last post yesterday about the Top 10 H5P content types to use in Moodle Course – Part:1, today I am going to cover the balance 5 content types which can be used in your Moodle course.
As covered in the last post, the first 5 content types which we had already covered are:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • Arithmetic Quiz
  • Course Presentation
  • Dialog Cards
  • Find the Hotspot
  • Guess the Answer

Now, we will have a look over the remaining 5 content types and how they can be used in your Moodle course to engage your learners. Here we go:

  • Drag & Drop image/Word – Make challenging & engaging drag and drop tasks with images and words using your browser. Drag and drop question enables the learner to associate two or more elements and to make logical connections in a visual way. Drag and Drop content type can be used standalone as well as inside other content types like:
    • Course Presentation
    • Interactive Video
    • Question Set
    • Column

Top 10 H5P content types to use in Moodle course – Part:2 #Moodletips

  • Memory Game – Memory Game content type allows the teachers to add their own images (and optional text) to a memory game. To play the game, users search for image pairs, which will display a specified text message once a matching pair has been found. Top 10 H5P content types to use in Moodle course – Part:2 #Moodletips
  • Interactive Videos – Don’t use just video when you can use interactive videos easily with H5P. The interactive videos content type allows you to add multiple choice and  fill in the blank questions, pop-up text and other types of interactions to your videos using only a web browser. The best feature of the interactive videos content type is that the quiz is adaptive in nature, meaning that you can jump to another part of the video based on the user’s input. Top 10 H5P content types to use in Moodle course – Part:2 #Moodletips
  • Multiple Choice – By using the Multiple Choice content type you can create challenges where the user is to identify one ore more correct choices. Multiple choice quizzes are among the most used quizzes in online assessment and can be an effective assessment tool. The lelarner will get immediate feedback about the response.Top 10 H5P content types to use in Moodle course – Part:2 #Moodletips
  • Quiz (Question Set) – Easily create quizzes with kinds of questions. Many question types are supported like multiple choice, fill in the blanks, drag the words, mark the words and regular drag and drop. You can customize the Question set with background images and define a pass percentage for the learner. Another good feature is that the Question Set also allows you to add videos that are played at the end. One video for success, another if the learner fails the test. This might motivate learners to try again if they fail so that they get to see the success video. Top 10 H5P content types to use in Moodle course – Part:2 #MoodletipsCheck out the full list of available content types available within H5P here.

Now we will conclude the list of our top 10 H5P content types which can be used in a Moodle course to create rich interactive content. Have you used H5P in your Moodle course yet? Do you need any help in creating content with H5p for your Moodle course? Do you like to add any other content type to the list? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.
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